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The Bellflower - September 2021

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

It's the most colourful season of the year! I love the cooler air, the changing leaves, sweaters and, of course, Halloween!

It's definitely my favourite time of year to do some seasonal decorating. There are so many opportunities to get festive in your home, by adding displays to the front door and porch, creating tablescapes and centrepieces, arranging mantle displays, and inserting pops of colour and foliage to kitchen islands.

Since I am a Halloween lover, I always incorporate spooky decor into my fall decorating, then it's there ‘till the end of October. Even without the Halloween theme, fall is a gorgeous time of year and one of the best for seasonal decorating!

Here are some of my tips for fabulous fall furbishing.

Let's start outside with your front door and/or porch. Before I start shopping and putting items outside, I go through what I already have and see if I want to reuse it. Is it still looking pretty? Does it need to be replaced, or repaired?

I then think about the colour story. Am I going to keep it Halloween themed or go for some traditional jewel tones? When I determine what the look is going to be, I make a list and go shopping! (I actually do this prep before any seasonal display, so this tip is a useful one to tuck away.)

I always have a wreath(s) and hang them first. You can find some nice pre-made ones or you can pick up a plain vine wreath and DIY! I've definitely made a few wreaths over the years.

If there are any other items that need to be hung, work on those next. Always do the harder parts first.

Then you are ready for some potted flowers, pumpkins and gourds.

You will need to decide if you're looking for a symmetrical display or an asymmetrical display.

Symmetrical could be two larger planters with a variety of seasonal flowers in them like mums and tall grasses. You can add various sizes of pumpkins to each side as you get closer to Halloween.

Asymmetrical could be one larger display to one side with a bale of hay or crate for some height. Build your display on and around the riser (hay or crate) using smaller items like potted grasses, potted mums, pumpkins, gourds, even some corn stalks.

Pro tip: when buying outdoor flowers, pick out the ones that are still just buds, they will last longer and flower later.

Moving inside to the mantle and/or shelving space you’ve got available, start again with a quick stock check.

If you have a mirror hanging above your mantle, hang a wreath on the mirror or make a swag from some faux or dried flowers. If you have a piece of art hanging above, work with that colour story for your decor.

Add drama by flanking the ends of the mantle or shelf with height.

Some options could include:

-A vase with tall grasses and fall sprays;

-Pillar candle holders;

-Your favourite tall potted plant; or

-Any taller decor object.

Pro tip: Use a stack of books with coordinating coloured spines for a customized tall decor item.

After your bigger pieces are in place you can then add your smaller accessories to the middle of the space. Not everything in the display needs to be fall themed, if you have some items that you just love or framed photos you don’t want to put away, work them into your seasonal displays.

Add Halloween items right away or closer to the date.

Since you’re decorating indoors, it’s a good idea to consider table tops as well as shelf space. I find most of us don’t tend to sit at the dining table too often anymore, so I think it’s a great opportunity to use it as a display table and make it look pretty!

This is a great opportunity to incorporate one of my favourite design elements … textiles!

An autumn tablescape is incomplete without a table runner or tablecloth.

Because this time of year is so colourful, you can add in lots of colour and it still looks beautiful.

When choosing a table linen, go for something neutral or colourful!

I dislike tall centrepieces on the table if it’s going to be used for family dinners. If you’re sitting down to eat a meal with your family or friends, you should be able to see and talk to everyone and pass the food around without knocking something over.

I love them if the table is not going to be used for eating or the taller items are easy to remove. Keep practicality in mind when decorating your table.

I always like to add foliage, gourds, and candles.

Start with something a little larger (either taller or low and wide) to give you the impact and drama like a vase with fall foliage, or a larger bowl with pumpkins and gourds in it, and work from there.

Pull out some pieces you don't use or see all the time and add them to your display.

I highly recommend investing in a tray with handles. It’s always a helpful display item, you can keep the centrepiece defined to a smaller area and then can easily be removed from the table if needed.

Have fun with seasonal decorating! It’s a time to get creative in your home.

I am very inspired during the fall months, so I really want to express my creativity with decor!

I do like to promote reusing items you already have, and encourage you not to shop for things you don’t need.

Check your stored items. It’s easy to forget what has been packed away for a year. I know I do!

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