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I've just realized that I only have a small little blurb about myself on my 'About' page and thought that maybe I should write my first blog post about MOI! (which will be a challenge in itself as I am not a writer, and don't really know what to say about myself.)

So after taking Fashion Merchandising at Fanshawe College I found myself working in a Home Decor store doing the visual merchandising right out of school, so I had found a job in my field and in my hometown (BONUS!) that's where I found my passion for interior design and decorating. I still LOVE a visually pleasing window or in-store display and can't help myself but critic them (I was a full-time visual merchandiser for almost 10 years.) It's just in my blood. ;-)

I left the retail world and did do some interior design/decorating and home staging which was amazing and I learned so much. I then moved on and wanted to do something on my own, so to pay my bills I worked (and still do) at a couple restaurants (which is an industry I do love working in as well.) So here I am now owning my own interior decorating business and serving tables! It's great, I feel my own business picking up and getting busier and working at the restaurant is a great way to pay my bills for now! :-)

In my spare time I play competitive roller derby for Orangeville's charter team the Misfit Militia, I've been playing roller derby since 2011 and it really was the best thing I ever did in my life. I've met so many fabulous humans and learned what it's like to play on a team which is something I will always want to do even though it won't be roller derby forever (it's very hard on your body, I'm thinking maybe curling or beer league softball.) Another thing people might not know about me is that I am quite an astrology nerd. I have taken a couple astro courses and plan to learn more! It's super fascinating to me and I follow the skies on a weekly basis to see what's happening up there. I can also do a basic birth chart reading if anyone is interested in learning a little more about themselves (email me).

My personal favourite decorating style would have to be Mid-Century I love the retro yet modern look that it has. I love all of the original teak furniture that everyone had in the 50's and the use of robin's egg blue, pink and yellow. It's a look that will literally never go out of style, because it's been "in style" for so many years already. I also love spaces using black and white! I love high contrast and black and white just give a sharpe and classic feel. (my apartment is all black and white with touches of turquoise and LOTS of house plants!)

I think I will leave it at that, if you took the time to read this thank you! Now if you're in need of any interior decorating services hit me up on my Contact page! xo!

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