From Bleah.. to BAM!

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that I gave my tiny little bathroom a makeover. I just added the final touches and then thought I would write a blog about the process.

I live in a very charming apartment building in #DowntownOrangeville. My landlord told me that it was built in 1946, and still has A LOT of the original features (which I LOVE, when I came to look at the apartment 3 or 4 years ago, I was knew right away that I wanted to live in it.) It took me a really long time to do anything to my bathroom, cause it involved a lot of prep work that I

1. Didn't want to do

2. Didn't know how to do

so I just lived with it even though I know how beautiful it could be.

There were a lot of people before me who just threw some paint up on the walls and didn't even take into account the GORGEOUS original subway tile!! This past Spring I couldn't just live with it anymore and I hired my AMAZING painter to work his magic.

Right? SOO much better!

Lucky for me I already love black and white decor so this bathroom was built for me! (well these subway tiles are more of an ivory than a white but still LOVE them.)

I picked #MountainPeakWhite OC-121 by #BenjaminMoore because it's an ivory-white and it's perfection!

Now that I had a freshly painted bathroom, I had to start decorating it. I really LOVE the Mid-Century / Navajo / Boho style so decided to go in that direction. If you don't know this about me already I love thrifting and vintage items. I found these brass donkeys, carved wood pot and box all at a thrift store. I lucked out at #Fabricland and found that stunning fabric for the shower curtain and found a Mustard (#gustard - gold and mustard combined) bathmat at #Homesense.

Since I have an extremely talented Mom, she was able to make me my custom shower curtain! Which is amazing cause I wanted it to be a little longer than your standard shower curtain. (also that little succulent baby is one that I propagated eep!) :-)



Are you ready for the final look?


: :

(basket from Details in #Alliston, vintage bamboo shelf and wood carved art from Miller Island in #Creemore)

(Gustard bath towel and boho hand towels from #Simons)

And there you have it! My adorable 1940's (very tiny) bathroom looks like a million bucks, but I obviously is not worth that! I love decorating with thrifted items where I can

1. because I LOVE vintage pieces

2. less waste

3. it's all about adding character




Looking for some style inspiration, or some custom pieces made head over to my "Book Online" page and send me a message! xo -emily

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