Keeping it Fresh in Isolation

So here we are, dealing with this insane virus, that has created a global pandemic.

I just want to shout out to all our FRONTLINE HEROS! Thank you for everything that you do, you are all truly selfless humans and I can't thank you enough!

If you can help Headwaters Health Care Centre in any way with PPE click HERE.

Now, I wanted to write this blog to help give you all a few tips to keep your house fresh while you're in isolation.

1. Make Your Bed - I absolutely recommend making your bed every morning, it makes that part of your bedroom already feel tidy. If you have a couple different sets of bedding, switch them up! It's always so nice to fall asleep with fresh linens. You can also do some layering with blankets and pillows. I love to have LOTS of pillows on my bed, and always have an extra blanket folded at the end. (mainly for my kitty Rigby)

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This is my client's master bedroom that I helped design at the end of 2019!

2. Bookshelves - If you have some bookshelves in your house that are just a mishmash of your book collection with no real organization, then use this time to do some merchandising! It looks FAB when you place the books that are all the same colour spines together, and switch up the stacks. Place a collection vertically and add an accessory then place a collection horizontally with an accessory on top! Now would be the time to make a pile for donation or to make a mini library on your yard so neighbours can borrow!